Client Referrals; Refer a Friend

How You Can Save Money by Referring a Friend

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good discount? We sure do! If you, too, are a fan of saving some dough, then you’ll be happy to hear about our client referral program: When you’re a Prospect Genius client and you refer a friend to us, you can actually receive a generous credit on your bill. Talk about a win-win, right? Keep reading to see how the referral discount could work for you!

How Our Referral Program Works

Do you have a friend who owns a small, local business and could use some help with online promotion? Maybe they need a new website, or maybe they want to put themselves out there on social media for the first time. We offer a wide variety of online marketing services that we can customize to meet virtually any local company’s needs. So, if you introduce them to us, chances are we’ll be able to create an optimal solution to help amplify their web visibility. Then, if we’re a good match for your friend and they sign up for one of our services, you’ll get a $50 credit on your next bill.

How to Get Your Discount

Here’s what the client referral process looks like:

  • First, to be eligible for the discount, your friend must make a minimum purchase of $200.
  • Once your friend’s initial payment processes successfully, you will see the one-time $50 credit on your next bill.
  • You will receive one credit for each referral you send to us.
  • However, there’s no limit to how many referrals you can receive credit for!

So, for example, you would be eligible for your referral discount if your friend purchased any of the following services from us:

  • CoreSite
  • Directory Dominator
  • SocialStart
  • 2+ pages of website content
  • Custom logo design
  • Remarketing campaign
  • A few hours of custom website work

And the possibilities don’t stop there! Any of our smaller products and services can be bundled together to meet the $200 minimum, as well. One thing you can always trust, though, is that our online marketing team will never pressure you or your friend to make an unnecessary purchase. If it won’t help you achieve your business goals, we won’t sell it to you. Period.

Help Us Spread Success!

Referring a friend to PG is a true win-win: Your friend gets some much-needed help promoting their business online, while you save a nice little chunk of change on your next bill. So, if you’ve enjoyed your time partnering with PG and we’ve helped you successfully grow your online presence, tell your friends! At the end of the day, we want to see as many local businesses thriving as possible. There’s room for everyone at the table!