Our labor has FINALLY paid off! Check out the awesome new features PG has to offer.

The Prospect Genius team has sure been busy over the last couple of weeks. Our SEO and customer support staff have been working hand-in-hand to develop some great new features to make the PG program an even better value for our clients! Easy photo uploading: Customers can now upload images directly to the SEO team via their customer access console. The same easy-to-use platform that allows customers access to performance data now enables you to submit photos without the hassle of e-mailing large files or mailing CDs. SSL certification: Prospect Genius has always protected our customers with SSL security, but we have recently added the GoDaddy SSL certification icon and enabled external validation for additional security and peace of mind. Customers can easily confirm status of the certification by checking the icon at the bottom right of the log-in page. Campaign progress indicator: We’ve developed a straightforward visual icon to help customers see where they are in their PG campaign. The progress bar indicates how far into your introduction period you are, and numerical data provides information about the order date, percentage of the campaign completed, and days left in the introduction period. This great feature offers customers progress updates at a glance! Here is a sample campaign progress indicator: Document access: Important documents are now readily available in the customer access console. For your convenience, we make it a breeze to access documents like the terms of service and indicate when they were last updated, so you can stay informed easily. Reporting console voice mail access: Customers can now listen to any voice mail right on the convenient PG reporting console. An upgraded version of our existing system, customers can now click on links within their call list and listen to the voice mails instantaneously. Of course, this feature is only available to customers who elect to use PG’s built in voice mail. Additionally, Premium Package customers now have access to hear every call (voice mail, received calls, missed calls) via their reporting console. These great new features make using the Prospect Genius program that much easier and more convenient, bringing PG customers increased value and great results. Contact your sales representative today or e-mail us at