Celebrate with Savings

Here at Prospect Genius, we’ve decided to celebrate the Fourth of July by offering you great savings! We believe that what makes America great is YOU. As a small business owner, you embody the strong work ethic and independent spirit that have run through the fiber of our country from the very beginning. That’s why we’re honoring your dedication to our nation’s continuing greatness by offering a great discount for new clients this Independence Day. In fact, we’re extending the celebration for 44 days. Sign up for our lead generation program during the 44 days between June 1 and July 15, and you’ll save $44 per month for your first four months! Like you, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality services and uncompromising professional integrity. We also believe that America’s strength comes from employing American workers and buying American-made products, so our team is 100% domestic and always will be. At Prospect Genius, we’re here to help continue our country’s enterprising spirit by supporting respectable business owners like yourself with cutting-edge online advertising. As part of our dedication to your overall success, our team is offering you this great discount as a reward for all of your hard work. It’s the least we can do. Call or e-mail PG to get started with our lead generation program—and our Fourth of July savings—today!