bing's expanded text ads

Get Ready for Bing's Expanded Text Ads

Remember a few weeks ago when we reported on Google’s new Expanded Text Ads? Well, Microsoft very quickly jumped on the bandwagon: On August 23, Bing started testing its own version of Expanded Text Ads. Right now, Bing’s Expanded Text Ads are only available as a pilot test for advertisers. However, you can assume Bing will follow Google’s lead on this, as it often does. That means Bing will start implementing these longer ads to a wider user-base relatively soon. As we noted previously, Google will likely phase out traditional ads and replace them with Expanded Text Ads later this year. Will Bing make similar sweeping changes that soon? It’s unlikely, considering Bing is only in the testing stages right now. But it’s a matter of when, not if.  What should you take away from this? The writing’s on the wall: The future of paid advertising is Expanded Text Ads. If you’re a PPC user, you better start getting used to this new format. Read more about Bing’s Expanded Text Ads on Search Engine Land: “Bing Ads Opens Pilot Access for Expanded Text Ads.”