Four Ways Your PPC Services Could Be a Rip-Off

“Where’s my money going, exactly?” If you’re paying an online advertising company for PPC services, this is a question you should be asking. A disheartening number of providers don’t offer any type of transparency when it comes to billing, clicks, or campaign performance. Unfortunately, there are several ways your PPC services provider could be ripping you off without […]

Local SEO: To DIY or Not to DIY?

After reading up on Google’s countless webmaster resources, you’ve managed to put together a pretty decent-looking Maps listing for your local business. Feeling confident, you wonder, “How hard could the rest of my online advertising really be?” This is usually the gateway that leads small business owners into handling their own local SEO and online advertising. Some […]

How to Make the Right Change in Advertising for Your Small Business

Are you planning on switching up your online advertising? Nervous about making the transition? Whether you’re switching to a whole new advertiser or just setting a new advertising goal, taking the next step involves a lot of uncertainty. However, with the right tools and mindset, you’ll be able to confidently change directions and put your small business […]

Avoid the Land Mine of Conflicting Information

Conflicting information is a hidden land mine that business owners step on repeatedly. We’ve talked at length about how the success of a campaign is a result of synergy—all aspects of your online presence working together to generate greater results—but this synergy can be inverted, as well. If there are aspects of your campaign that don’t match or work […]