Prospect Genius Uses Google Algorithm Update as Opportunity to Improve Writing Content

Prospect Genius, a leader in the field of local, online advertising, is using Google’s latest major algorithm update as an opportunity to expand their already cutting-edge writing. While many Internet advertising companies use stock text or low-quality wording generated by non-English speakers, Prospect Genius has always utilized original copy written by native-speaking writing professionals. However, with the implementation of Google’s February Panda update (also known as the Farmer update in mass media), Prospect Genius is now enhancing their writing quality even further. As reported by and other media resources, the Panda update targeted low-quality content produced by what are known as “content farms” (thus the alternate moniker of Farmer update). Google implemented an algorithm change designed to circumvent these low-quality sites in favor of higher-quality results. As Alex Pelli, president of Prospect Genius, states, “Obviously, our sites were not affected by the Panda update, but some of the resources we use to publish off-site content were impacted.” Prospect Genius uses online articles and press releases as a tool for publicizing client websites on the Internet. Many of these article sites were affected by Google’s Panda update, and, as a result, they have been undergoing major overhauls in their submission requirements and editorial standards. As they revise their guidelines, so, too, must Prospect Genius develop improved content models. Pelli says, “We’re already the best in the business when it comes to quality and originality of writing content, but we’re excited to be using the restrictions of the Panda update to refresh and enhance our copy quality.” Prospect Genius is a web marketing company specializing in local, online advertising for small businesses.