Optimize Your Site Before You Bid on AdWords

Google and Michael Jordan: Not So Different?

Think of Google as a celebrity sponsor: His or her mass appeal will sell a product, but they don’t want to advertise a brand that they can’t vouch for, lest they ruin their own reputation. This rule applies to PPC ads shown on Google’s search results pages. To protect their brand, Google tries to ensure that the ads they display are actually related to the searches performed. So even though your PPC (a.k.a. “AdWords”) ad might match the keywords in a search query, Google won’t show it unless it seems to promote something valuable and relevant to the searcher. That is, of course, unless you’re willing to pay them a boatload of money to display it. That’s where an optimized website comes in. If your ad is linked to a site that has informative content related to the search term, then the ad will be much more successful without costing you an arm and a leg. So optimize your site before you bid on AdWords.

Google AdWords and the Quality Score

The way Google AdWords works is that Google sets a minimum price for each ad group, and advertisers then bid on the maximum amount that they’re willing to spend per click. Generally, higher bids will appear closer to the top of the search results pages. However, there’s another way to have your ad appear higher in the search results without spending a fortune: You can also strive for a higher Quality Score. An ad’s Quality Score is determined by Google’s complex algorithm and is awarded according to the relevance and specificity of your ad. An ad that appears highly relevant and is targeted to a specific keyword will achieve a high Quality Score, which is deemed more valuable than a high bid. According to Google’s AdWords guide, “Even if your competition bids more than you, you can still win a higher position—at a lower price—with highly targeted keywords and ads.” In other words, you could wind up paying a lot less for an ad with a high Quality Score than you would for an ad with a low one.

Where Does SEO Fit In?

While specific keywords within an advertisement will improve its Quality Score, an additional boost will also come from a linked webpage that relates strongly to those keywords, the corresponding search terms, and the ad itself. If Google’s algorithm detects that your ad sends prospective customers to a page with valuable, relevant content, then your ad will get an even more optimal position, which means a higher volume of clicks. And how do you achieve web content that’s specific, targeted, and relevant? SEO, of course! To put it simply, a PPC campaign is infinitely more successful when it’s attached to a site with ongoing SEO. Not only will you pay less for bids, but you’ll actually see more effective results and therefore a greater return on investment. It’s a win-win!

Prospect Genius Provides PPC and SEO Services

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