Be Your OWN Boss Again

Stop being a slave to companies like Home Advisor and Yext! THEY make all the decisions for you. THEY decide which jobs you do, when you do them, and how much of your own hard-earned money you get to keep…

It kind of defeats the purpose of being your own boss, doesn’t it?


The Work You Want

We can help you get the jobs you want, not just the jobs you have to take to stay busy.

“Prospect Genius has been one the best investments we have made for our business. Would suggest to any small company wanting a web presence. Thanks again for all you do.” — James Conner, Conner’s Appliance

Take Back Your Independence

You didn’t start your business so you could take orders from some lead-generation firm in California. We’ll help you get back to calling your own plays.

No Shared Leads – Direct Calls Only

Your leads are your leads. They shouldn’t be shared with anyone else. We work with you individually to make sure you receive direct calls for the type of work you want.

“I want to congratulate you for getting my website to page one of Google. I have been getting numerous calls directly from the Google search listing and my page is in the B position on the Google map today. Because my site is in good position I also get 10 calls a week from other SEO, website improvement companies. I am to be able to say to them that there is no need to change anything about my site, and I am not looking to change SEO vendors anytime soon.” — Terry Knutson, Knutson Electric

More or Better? Yes.

Whether you want more work, or just better work, we can help.

“I love what PG has done for me! I’m very, very impressed and pleased with the results with what you guys have produced for me! What a Bargain! Thank you so much! I called my Account Manager, Morgan, yesterday and expressed to him how happy I was and how impressed I am with you guys! Thanks again!” — Jon Hart, Audio Ace