Ghost Writing

Content is king on the internet today. Google constantly beats this drum, and with good reason. Websites with good content are useful and attract attention simply because of their intrinsic value. Amazingly, this simple concept is lost on most website owners. We invest hours into each website we produce to ensure its content is useful, unique, and compelling, because without those three attributes, our content will never rank well. Our writing staff is experienced in all types of content generation. We can be your outsourced writing staff.

Website Content

What your website says—and how it says it—matter! Producing content is the core of what we do every day. If you have existing content that needs to be expanded, edited, or revamped, we can handle it with ease. We can also turn your notes into coherent, compelling copy that will delight humans and search engines alike. Keep in mind that as voice search technology expands, your website content becomes increasingly important. That’s because the old “[keyword] + [location]” search structure is being replaced by natural, human language. Think about how you use voice search on your phone: Do you say, “Appliance repair Austin, TX”? Or are you more likely to ask, “Siri, can you find me a local fridge repair guy with evening hours?” To capture the most traffic—and potential customers—your site copy has to focus on context, synonyms, and overall relevance because exact-match “[keyword] + [location]” searches are declining in prominence. At Prospect Genius, well-written, human-optimized content has been our trademark since day one. We optimize our content for real people, not just search engines, and as a result, we’ve been preparing our clients for the voice search takeover for years. Benefit from our expertise when you bring in our professional writers to tackle your site content.

Press Releases and Articles

Press release and article marketing have taken a beating from Google’s recent algorithms, but they still have an important place in your internet marketing strategy. Our research shows that these tools can still deliver traffic if done correctly and carefully, so if you’ve abandoned them, you’re missing out on backlinks, traffic, and ranking.