LeadTrax Site

LeadTrax Site A personalized, optimized website designed to market your company online, your LeadTrax site is built around your business’s unique details.

  • Includes Professional Copy
  • Incorporates Comprehensive SEO
  • Offers Trackable ROI
  • Features Extras Like Photo Gallery & Blog
  • Integrates Mobile-Optimized Site

Your LeadTrax™ site is the optimized website we design and promote to advertise your company online. Included in our Starter, Core, and Premium packages, this is a personalized website that displays all the important information about your business and drives visitors to contact you.

Customized Content Just for You

Your LeadTrax site contains custom content tailored specifically to your company’s services, skills, and values. We never use duplicate content. Our professional copywriters create unique content with the goal of motivating the visitor to take action by contacting you. Then, our savvy production specialists add your photos, coupons, and eye-catching flourishes to make your site as visually attractive as possible.

We Don’t Skimp on the Details

While other advertising services only give you a page or two of information, hardly more than a profile, your LeadTrax site is much more than a one-page summary. It can include up to 10 pages full of information and pictures, sharing vital details about your company’s range of expertise. In short, we treat your visitors to a truly comprehensive experience.

Extra Features With No Extra Price

Even more impressive are the back-end features that are integrated into LeadTrax sites. Because your site runs on our proprietary content management system, you get access to a range of reports about site visitors, callers, e-mails received, traffic sources, and more. LeadTrax sites also include a photo gallery feature that’s search engine optimized, as well as a blog feature…all at no additional cost!